My first ever game! Taught myself to use Construct 3 and made this game in 7 days for VimJam!

You play a hungry little ghost who has to collect food. But beware, you need to make it back to your portal before the sun catches you! It's mechanically a simple platformer, but it has some speedrun-y elements which you'll discover. And I think it fits the themes pretty well!

Collectables - Gotta collect food

There and back - You need to make it back to your portal with a full belly before the sun comes up!

PC controls only - Arrow keys for control, mouse on the title screen.   There is no save function, the game is very short and designed to be played in one sitting

The game isn't as finished as I'd like it to be, given more time I would add more of a story, more levels, and more of a sense of progression. Also I'm unsure how balanced it is because I've had very few play testers. But I'm pretty happy with it and I confident it's in a playable state.

I've had a blast making it, so I hope you get at least a few minutes of enjoyment out of it. <3 Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.

Thanks to Vimlark for inspiring me to give it a try. Construct 3 is a great program and I've caught the bug.


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Cool game! I love the Visuals. 

I just think the thrilling morning music should not persist after dying and the camera following the player is too snappy.

But I enjoyed it!

Hey so glad to hear you enjoyed it villasenpai! Yeah the choice to maintain whatever music was playing in the win screen was a deliberate choice, but was unsure how it would be perceived. Good to know that it doesn't work. And I'll take another look at the camera settings, see if I can make it a bit smoother. :)

Awesome game! I have nothing that is wrong apart from maybe change the image filtering mode so the pixel art isn't as blured at the edge sometimes. Awesome job, 8/10.


Hey thanks so much! 8\10 is high praise! I'll def take another look at the effects I put on the images because blurry was not what I was going for. Thanks so much for the feedback.

What an awesome first game ! It really feels, as you mentionned, that a story could be added to it, and it makes me want to see more. 

Now I want to know why this little ghost is so desperate for food, and why he absolutely cannot be touched by sunlight ! 

Great job, you owned it ! 

Hey, I really love your comment and it's totally sparked ideas for me. I wasn't entirely sure whether I was going to continue working on this project beyond the jam but your comment has made me think I should. Got some ideas for a simple story & ending, and some quality of life stuff that would be great to add (level picker and high scores that sort of thing). Thanks so much for your encouragement and belief. Watch this space :)

That was really fun! The second level was tricky though, I really like your character controls and art style. I just wish there was a way to quickly restart once I  realised I wasn't going to make the time limit.

Thank so much for playing, really happy to hear you enjoyed it! Yeah you're totally right that there needs to be a level reset button, the player can jump to their death if they realise that they aren't going to make the time, but it's  not ideal at all. Checking out your game now! ^^

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I like how smooth the controller is. The controller felt just right with a double jump. The physics felt smooth in a good way. 

Althought, is a simple gameplay idea but it got the collectible and "There and back"  theme justright in a smooth way. Good funky soundtracks, not sure you made it yourself.

The graphic is nice especially the environment.

Hey, thanks so much for playing! I'm glad to hear you like the movement! I'm very happy with how it turned out and I think the ghost is super fun to control. Not my music, but it's all stuff I'm able to use. You can find the titles and artists in the credits. ^^

Great game! I liked the sfx you made especially  the ones in the main menu. The soundtrack is very chill :)

Thanks so much! I really appreciate you taking the time to play ^^

Your game is really good, I especially like the dithering in the back ground and the responsiveness of the controls. Only problem I had with the web version was that when I used the arrow keys it would scroll the screen down, but hat is a inherent problem with the way websites work and not the game.

Aw thanks so much friend! I really appreciate you playing. That's a shame to hear about the bug with the downwards arrow. Maybe I'll stress in the blurb that it's best played on full screen.